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In our days we should understand the value of social solidarity. A single person is difficult, if not impossible, to provide solutions to important social problems. But by joining forces with others and acting as a whole, is almost certain that great things can be achieved.

T he creation of our Association has this purpose. To unite people with common problems or people with social sensitivities to an organized group, which aims to achieve prosperity and social recognition of people with disabilities.

The right of a place in society of these people is regulated and given the perception of most people. However it still needs a lot of work to practice. All of us strive together for this purpose. To ensure a place at home, at school and in society for those people with special needs and yet so special abilities.

Precisely for this reason our Association with the foundation in 1991 originally as a fireman trying to solve problems faced by children with disabilities and their families. Today, we are passing through clashing, achieved by organizing programs, pass prevent problems creating sound employment and training conditions for these children, guaranteeing them a decent living.

A ll this is the result of voluntary offer to these particular people that remind us all that, if you give a smile, you get it back many times and if you give love you get back the same amount.

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